From Harlem to Mecca: A Latino’s Journey in Islam

Book cover From Harlem to Mecca: A Latino's Journey in Islam

Born in the fifties, Yusef Maisonet’s life began to a rocky start. With his parents arrested for drugs, a then three-year-old Yusef and his siblings spent their early years in an orphanage. But after much of his childhood spent in the orphanage, his life changed when he picked up a copy of the Quran.

Islam had a profound impact on Yusef’s life. Now you can join him as he recounts his unique life as a Latino Muslim, his experiences with religion, and his travels across the planet. From France and England to Jerusalem, Puerto Rico and even North Korea, Yusef gives an enlightening glimpse into Islam around the world, and the vastly different cultures he found along the way.

From meeting with Salafis, Shiites, Sunni, Sufi, and everything in between, Yusef has learned from them all. With insights on prayer, life as a Muslim, and his Latino identity, From Harlem to Mecca is a powerful and inspirational account of faith, worship, and the American Latino Muslim community.

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